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Salted shoppers are aware of the advantage of buying goods in US versus Europe and other countries. Moreover, US shops may offer goods which are impossible to find in your country. That’s why foreign shopping is in great request. In other hand, goods you order from abroad can prove to be of questionable quality. And we are here to help you!

How we can help?

Working with us gives you much more benefits than working with avarage middlemen. Middleman just ship goods to you, and do not take any charge of its quality. We can insure you against unnecessary risks you undergo while shopping online. Imagine you are going to shop at eBay. The key feature of eBay shopping is that things are sold by individuals. Perhaps, you can buy a real masterpiece here. Again, you skate on thin ice. Our agents have an expert understanding on buying procedure, technical characteristics of devices and the like. Moreover, they can see the seller personally, that is to make sure the goods you want to buy really exist and are of high quality. Agents take a shot of it and forward a detailed report to you. And you order it only if you accept it. Thereby, you save you money that could fall to a bad lot. We can work both with online and offline shops. Moreover, we can find something special and than ship it to you. We are always ready to satisfy your individual needs.
We are ready to inspect houses and cars. If you are going to rent a house for vacation, you can authorize our agent to shoot photos and video in the house to make sure you’ll be completely satisfied with your choice. We can examine a car you want to buy at eBay and prepare a detailed report, so you can buy it with no bother.

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