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What is this?

A special website that allows you to perform easy tasks and get money for that. Using this website is absolutely free and it's made only for you to help make money. Imagine: while you are in a shop doing your own business you can do a task for us and get paid! Or you can do our tasks purposefully and get more money.

Why this is for you?

Apparently, to make money. You do our tasks, we check them and pay you. You can get money on the same day via Paypal. Usually we pay as soon as we checked your work. And, of course, your help makes our clients happier and improves your karma

Why we do this?

It is a business for us - just as for you. Many people all over the country need help for something they can't do on their own. We help them, and we share their payments with you. The more agents we have, the more people we can assist.

What types of tasks?

Basically, you'll need to do easy tasks, that can be done on your way to home or shop. Those tasks include special purchases, checking the status of the item, checking the existence of the building or car. You won't need special skills to do those tasks in most cases. You won't need to spend your money to perform those tasks - because we pay you, not the opposite!
On the average performance of each task will take about 30 minutes, and each task will be paid from $35 and more.

How to start?

  • Register on our website, that'll take no longer than 3 minutes. You'll need either e-mail or Facebook account.

  • You'll find available tasks for your location in your profile. Choose any task you like and get it done.

  • Your job will be checked and in case of valid performance money will be deposited on your account.

  • Repeat until you are satisfied with the amount you got, and after...

Get Paid!


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